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Egan is a Toronto-based leader in visual communication systems for business, conference and training environments - bringing together innovative technology and craftmanship. Going strong with over 50 years in business and over 300 products, Egan has a unique business model and takes pride in that everything is built in-house, at their own Canadian warehouses. Hppy Hour designed a brand new responsive website and custom CMS for

A unique business model

Egan does not sell their products online, rather the websites acts as a catalogue for browsing only and the goal is to drive visitors to request a sample, visit a showroom, or have an Egan rep touch for a more customized experience. Because of this highly personal model, almost all of Egan’s sales content existed in print form: within brochures, sample books, posters, etc., all which had to be converted to digital for the new site.

The problem: all strategy and no execution

The project was 6 months into its redesign when Hppy Hour was engaged. Having spent most of that time on content strategy, the original agency team was at a stand still when it came to the actual execution of the site and time was running out quick. We had just over 4 months until launch and it was clear to us that a lot of work still had to be done. A site of this size, containing over 300 salesforce integrated products sorted over a complex categorization system, would require twice as long to build. Luckily our team has accumulated years of experience on delivering products from concept to build at record speed. So, we rolled up our sleeves and jumped right into the deep end.

The start

We identified the road to success had three main needs:
1) We needed to understand and organize the structure of the site
2) We needed to create a design system that scales seamlessly and is CMS friendly
3) We needed to develop a strategy to work with development to build in the fastest way possible without losing quality

Intelligent workflow to the rescue

The first thing we did was to gain an understanding of what was currently there and come up with a game plan. We conducted an audit of the existing site, and gathered all the material the previous team had created. It was immediately clear that basically all pages needed to be designed (and there were a lot of them), back-end CMS was fairly early-stage, and front-end had just been on-boarded as well. We took this as an opportunity to create a more efficient workflow through agile methodologies and through the use of productivity tools. We introduced the project team to Trello and created a framework to keep track of sprint tasks, project roadmap, as well as QA feedback.
Spearheading the design, we defined the deliverables and sprints for handoff so that development was never held up. We achieved a smooth workflow by first creating a system of design elements which came together as modular components for development. All designs were handed off to dev through Zeplin, an interactive spec’ing tool that eliminates the need for timely style-guides. As components were being built, more unique pages and new concepts were explored for stakeholder buy-in. At the end of every sprint was a design QA, then revisions. The cycle repeated until everything was built and there was one week at the end allocated for debugging and final polishing.

Happy team, happy client

Hppy Hour led the team with an intelligent workflow and made the project a reality. The website was launched with little hiccups and Egan’s team is now able to control their content and make updates with ease using the custom built CMS, allowing them further connection with their clients. In conclusion, Egan was not disappointed and the agency team was saved from falling over the edge. Everyone was happy and that’s exactly why we do what we do.

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