An artificial intelligence start-up focused on finding the perfect career path

Naudix Inc.

Product Management
Design QA
Naudix is an HR technology start-up who are creating a product that brings businesses closer to their potential job candidates.  
Hppy Hour helped designed their mobile and desktop platforms to redefine the antiquated candidate engagement process by improving the experience through compelling design and technological advances such as artificial intelligence.

A start-up requires a much more varied set of skills than managing a design team but the outcome is quite similar and that is to get a product up off the ground and into the hands of consumers.
We built systems and processes that ultimately helped elevate every element of the company from finding their way in the initial concepting and ideation of a product to advocating best practices in design operations and enhancing development teams with complimentary toolsets and workflow.


We were able to quickly get Naudix on its feet by helping them visualize the idea’s that they had been discussing. Bringing our DesignOps experience, we were able to rapidly iterate on the team’s ideas and help craft the overarching vision.
Educating the team on the intricacies of the design process while we quickly built high fidelity interactive prototypes to test various scenarios and convince key investors that the company had the talent and capabilities to bring to life what was once a mere glimmer of an idea.

High-Fidelity Prototyping

Designing with Sketch and Adobe XD gave us the ability to visually represent the ideas Naudix had. XD also gave us the ability to rapidly create highly interactive animated mobile app experiences that were almost indistinguishable from the final product. This allowed our sales teams to test their markets early and our development team to have a definitive UI target to build towards.

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