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Paravi is a Tokyo-based start-up founded and backed by six leading media companies in Japan. It is a new subscription media platform for premium curated content. The service is the first of its kind in the country, aiming to deliver a simple, elegant, and holistic experience to Japanese viewers. Due to our prior success in delivering VOD platforms, Hppy hour was brought in as the leading design partner for this project.

Home screen and Live TV screen

The challenge

Traditional TV and radio programs have been an integral part in shaping the country's cultural identity. TV is even considered as the ‘national medium’ of Japan. With the rise of mobile device usage and consumption of content on the go, the challenge was how to represent these staple media forms into a platform for viewers to watch anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Our goals

To build a successful product, we had three primary goals:
1) Make it simple to use for Paravi's audience wherever they may be
2) Visually represent the brand’s premium quality; clean, elegant, and modern
3) Showcase Paravi's curated content in an intuitive and clear manner

Leading with design

The main priority was launching iOS and Android for mobile, followed by TVOS and FireTV. At the time of engagement, there was roughly 6 months left from design to launch - an anxiety inducing timeline. We integrated into the project team which consisted of engineers from a partner company and worked closely with them as we sprinted towards the deadline. Our team defined the design deliverables, from concepts for stakeholder approvals, to production-ready pattern libraries for dev handoff. Throughout the build cycle, we ran parallel UI and UX streams, simultaneously pushing the visual language of the app while supporting development by driving direction for user flows, functionality, and interactions. Working in agile, we were always able to stay one step (or sprint) ahead of development, ensuring that design to dev handoff ran as smooth as possible.

The finish line

Our ability to concept quickly and refine ideas with stakeholders not only moved the project along efficiently in what could have otherwise taken months in itself, it also played a key role in helping the business define their product vision. Hppy Hour is pleased to have crossed cultural grounds and delivered a product to market. Paravi was officially released December 2018 and has since garnered a steady user base. 

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