Award winning mobile banking experience for Canada's largest bank

Royal Bank of Canada

Product Management
Design QA
Rebuilt from the ground up, Hppy Hour designed the RBC App for iOS and Android bringing beautiful, functional design to Canadian Banking. In 2017 and 2018 the app was awarded with the coveted JD Power Award for Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Banking and RBC was the only FI finalist for the 2017 Mobile UX Awards.

Starting Fresh

As part of a newly created design discipline at RBC, one of the priority initiatives was to look at the mobile banking product and create an experience that would not only live up to the demands of the modern mobile consumer but also complement the bank’s extensive technical capabilities and existing corporate processes.
We formed a team of talented ux and visual designers, motion graphics artists, content writers and interface developers and created an environment of collaborative excellence with our business partners and development counterparts.

Concepts and Ideation

From whiteboard sketches to high fidelity animated and interactive prototypes, we used every method and any channel to convey our design ideas and help our stakeholders envision an end product that embodies the importance of experiential design.  
These concepts guide not only our business analysts, product owners and VPs, they’re also critical in providing our development partners with the tools they need to fully flesh out a compelling mobile experience.

DesignOps and Partnerships

Creating an integrated native app for RBC took a lot of both fundamental design expertise and also a great deal of integrated systems knowledge. A common issue with design teams embedded in technologically heavy products can be to silo themselves off from technology and focus on the disciplines they’re comfortable with.
Our technical and design backgrounds, however, gave us the unique advantage of being able to function at a high level with design, tech and product teams allowing us to take an end-to-end approach when designing our experiences.
We spearheaded the development and implementation of a 10 part DesignOps workflow that effectively brought the mobile business, design, development and experience assurance teams into alignment and allowed us to deliver an experience without compromises.

Tools of the Trade

The use of a modern toolset is imperative to the success of a products design implementation. During the product design cycle, we made an active shift from using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to Sketch, Invision and Zeplin so that our team may better communicate our ideas to everyone around us.
Change can be difficult if the time it takes to implement isn’t respected. Inter-team communication becomes imperative to ensure that everyone is given the tools and opportunity to advance their skillsets at their own pace.

Outcomes and Successes

With the much anticipated release of the mobile app in 2016, we saw a massive uptick in user response. Monthly active users jumped from a few hundred thousand to over 30 million in the span of a few weeks. Our app store and play store reviews were overwhelmingly positive and our app ratings jumped from 2.5 out of 5 stars pre-release to 3.8 out of 5 shortly after.
Our end users were instrumental to our success due to our implementation of in-cycle user testing and through our feedback channels we were able to further refine and tweak our designs over the weeks and months that followed.
The app also won the coveted J.D. Power and Associates award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Canadian Mobile Banking Apps” in 2017 and 2018.
It was also the only app from any financial institution to be considered a finalist in 2017’s Mobile UX Awards.

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