From PoC to leading TV service in the US.

Charter Communications

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Charter Communications is America's fastest growing TV, internet and voice services company, delivering a wide range of services through the Spectrum brand. This is the story of how Spectrum started as a SVOD PoC, and how Hppy Hour executed on designs that led to success.

PoC for a brand new service

The initiative was to create a proof of concept for a new platform offering viewers a subscription-based VOD service for cable, local broadcast channels, and movies. This new service would go by the name Spectrum. The project was led by the senior product team from Charter Communications (now called Spectrum, or Charter Spectrum) and the goal was to pitch for executive approval within six months. The success of the project relied on quality execution of the visual design and ability to translate that to their respective platforms functionally. The scope was to deliver a PoC for Roku TV and Xbox One, including the integration of all APIs. Hppy Hour took to leading the design for Roku.

Collaborating in agile

It was a collaborative effort with the Charter team flying in for week-long workshops, hammering out everything from the direction of UX to visual feel. The project ran in aggressive three-day sprints, with design handoff every three days and a product demo to stakeholders at the end of every week. Using JIRA, our US counterparts were reviewing work, providing feedback, and signing-off on designs throughout the process. Two weeks at the end of the project timeline was allocated for polishing but Hppy Hour worked closely with the engineers throughout the process, reviewing and testing the build intermittently. By doing this, we elevated the quality of design and was able to present the best product at every client demo. This garnered glowing feedback from Charter andSpectrum for Roku was delivered above and beyond expectations.

A success story

After a short few months, the PoCs were ready to be shown to executive leadership at Charter. This was a defining moment and needless to say, ended in success. The timely and detailed execution of the concept conveyed its value and was funded and launched to market after a few more months of iterations. In fact, the designs Hppy Hour had created for Roku became the foundation and direction for all the released products (Roku, Xbox, and Apple TV). Since hitting the market in 2014, it has grown to be one of the most popular media entertainment services in the country and Charter Communications officially changed its name to Spectrum.

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